Perhaps in no other profession do the disciplines of knowledge and integrity reach to the top of the criteria for individuals that for professionals in the field of finance.  Entrusted with so much of the important information and supporting processes of any company, as a financial professional you need the peace of mind that the recruiting agency that is representing to you has the most current wallstreejournalknowledge about your profession.  Equally as important, you need to know that your recruiter has done their ‘home work’ when it comes to understanding your credentials and the requirements that our valuable clients are looking for when we receive a job order.

Executive Register works with all areas of finance and accounting.  Over the years we have placed hundreds of individuals just like you with the finest organizations.  Our placements have filled nearly every possible officer, executive, planner and management position in the field of accounting and finance.  We’ve placed candidates just like you with great organizations.

Please contact  Scott Williams at our office for more information about current opportunities or to discuss your career objectives and goals.