Whether you need to staff a project or are looking for an IT executive, at the Executive Register, Inc. we listen to your needs to determine the specific profile of those candidates that will fit your team.Executive Register Jumper
We conduct an exhaustive search for just the right candidate.  We interview all candidates, screening those that we believe would not be a “good fit.”  We introduce only qualified candidates that have passed our interview process and will provide your organization with the right mix of skills.

handshake2 We prepare all candidates for their interview with your firm.  Candidates are able to gain a knowledge of your industry, business, technology platforms and staffing requirements so they may better present themselves.

We maintain a working relationship will all of our clients.  We get to know their business and industry so we may provide the best qualified candidates.

The majority of our client assignments are never made public.  We visit and screen all companies before establishing a client relationship.